Monday, August 11, 2008

camping out

This weekend we went camping with the boys for the first time, us and some good friends of ours. I was beyond thrilled that they all loved it so much, they were totally at home in the woods & played, played, played all weekend. Even sleeping in the tent was a big adventure to them. J. even cried, literally sobbed, when we got home. All he wanted was to be back in the woods with his friends.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Busy creating a series of buildings. We had to move the blocks up onto the porch table after Chase the dog kept knocking them down with his tail.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Even in the middle of summer baking continues. Here are the boys 'helping' me make cheesy breadsticks. After a while it was just easier to break the dough in half, keep my half to make the breadsticks & let them go to town with their half of the dough.
Good times.

Bringing the outside in

We keep our birdfeeders in the back garden filled with black sunflower seeds. Not only are they (supposedly) the ultimate bird snack, a lot of those seeds have fallen to the ground & look at the results.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mama t-rex, an introduction

I like the ambiguity of my blog address - mamatrex - because it binds & sums up two major facets of my life.

First & foremost, I'm a mama to two little boys. Two little boys who truly believe with every fibre of their beings that they are actual tyrannosauras rexes at any given moment during the day. Dinosaur fascination abounds in our home right now, they live & breathe them. The rules are they make me be the mama of whatever dinosaur they are that particular moment - hence, mama t-rex. So, here is a picture of J. (T-rex senior at almost 5 years old) & H. (T-rex junior at 2 1/2.) doing what they do best at our family cabin - roaming the woods and looking for planteaters.

Secondly, in my previous life as a single girl I did a lot of traveling, sometimes with friends & family, sometimes alone. Treks, as it were. It's the solo travels that shaped me as an adult & I carry that part of me still. So - mama t-rex, or mama treks. Here is our family, our life together, simplified.